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本文摘要:二零一六年12月17日全国高校英语四级考試已完成,此次考試为多题多卷,我第一时间搜集整理有所不同版本试题,可供试题参考,下列是二零一六年1月英语四级听力题(有道考神版):听力答案Section A1. [A] It was dangerous to live in。


二零一六年12月17日全国高校英语四级考試已完成,此次考試为多题多卷,我第一时间搜集整理有所不同版本试题,可供试题参考,下列是二零一六年1月英语四级听力题(有道考神版):听力答案Section A1. [A] It was dangerous to live in。2. [B] A storm3. [B] They were trapped in an underground elevator。4. [C] They sent supplies to keep the miners warm。

5. [D] Close some of its post office。6. [C] Stopping mail delivery on Saturdays。

7. [A] Many post office staff will lose their jobs。Section B8. [D] He will lose part of his pay。9. [B] He is a trustworthy guy。


10. [D] She is better at handling such matters。11. [C] He is always trying to stir up trouble。12. [D] Reserved13. [A] They stay quiet14. [C] She was never invited to a colleague’s home。15. [B] Houses provide more privacySection C16. [D] They will automatically be given hiring priority。

17. [C] Visit the school careers service。18. [B] Supervising study spaces to ensure a quiet atmosphere。19. [C] It may be sold at a higher price。


20. [A] It is healthier than green tee。21. [D] It does not have a stable market。

22. [B] They prefer unique objects of high quality。23. [B] They could only try to create at night。


24. [A] Make wise choices。25. [A] To boost the local economy。



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